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Canoa - Spanish School

Our reservations are informal. To reserve for Spanish lessons, just send us an e-mail, letting us know an approximate date of arrival and length of stay. Advise us of the study program you are interested in and a basic idea of your current Spanish level so we can prepare for your lesson. Please let us know if any additional information is required. 


A initial payment will be required to confirm your reservation. Once you've verified the exact date for arrival, let us know and we will send you a partial payment request to your e-mail (through PayPal or Zelle). Upon arrival, we require the payment of half the value of your program, which can be made on the same day or the following day if you prefer not to travel with too much cash. Local ATMs (in San Vicente and Bahia). We also accept international credit and debit cards. Afterwards, you pay as you go and can run a tab for any additional refreshments you may purchase at the inn.


Unfortunately we do not accept Traveler checks.

If you wish to pay with credit card, we currently have this option available through a PayPal account or On Site Stripe. For more information you can send us an e-mail regarding your methods of payment.

If you have additional questions regarding the Spanish School, please contact: