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Beach and Activities

Beach addicts might find all they need right at the hotel without ever leaving. More adventurous travelers will want to take advantage of all that Canoa and the surrounding area offers.

Beach Volley


Horseback Riding


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 Canoa has become one of the most popular surf destinations in Ecuador. This is due to a combination of fun and reliable beach breaks along with the laid back charm of the area itself.


It's central location also serves as a base for day trips to the most challenging waves of Ecuador, Mompiche at 2 hours to the north, and San Mateo at 2 hours to the south. For beginners, the surf at Canoa is perfect, with forgiving waves and a sandy bottom.


The best season for surfing is from late November through late April, though waves are present year-round. Board rentals and lessons are readily available at inexpensive prices.


Beach addicts might find all they need right at the hostel without ever leaving. More adventurous travelers will want to take advantage of all that Canoa and the surrounding area offers.

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Biking, hiking, yoga & more

Hiking, biking, and rock-climbing enthusiasts will find plenty to discover. Archeologists have uncovered many cultural relics from ancient coastal Indian tribes in the area. At low tide you can always find pieces of old ceramics washed up on the beach. Visits to ecological farms are available nearby.

Yoga has become popular as a way of promoting physical and mental well-being. You can find some affordable lessons in town. 


Our friend from Surf Shak in Canoa, runs a trivia night every Tuesday. Definitely something to check out if you are planning a long-term stay.

Food & Drink

Canoa has grown to meet the needs of visiting travelers, offering a wide range of restaurants and bars located along the main street and waterfront. You can visit Canoa by a leisurely 20-minute walk down the beach or highway, or take a local mototaxi from the Sundown to downtown for only a couple dollars. Buses also run regularly through the day every 40 minutes between Canoa and San Vicente/Bahia.



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Yucca Bread



Other Attractions

San Vicente & Bahía de Caraquez

A 20-minute drive south along the beaches takes you to the larger town of San Vicente, where you can take a long walk or bus ride along the beautiful bridge to get to the resort town of Bahia de Caraquez.


From here you can visit the Casa de Cultura museum, rent tour boats, or make arrangements to visit a nearby mangrove reserve or island bird sanctuary (Isla Fragatas). You can also visit Chirije, site of an an ancient Pre-Colombian seaport where a small archeological museum is located just 40 minutes from Bahia. 

Rio Canoa - Artisan Brewery Tour

The artesanal brewery is hiding out in the hills of Canoa. Currently there are 12 different beers to taste and choose from. They range from a strong beer brewed with honey, light and sweet in color and taste, to a dark and heady stout.

If you are a beer lover, then this is a great option for you.

Pottery Studio/ Gallery

A J DeLizza, owner of Burning World Pottery is an old friend, whom used to live at Sundown Beach Hotel. He decided to open a handmade pottery shop in the area.

We can arrange tours for you to visit the gallery!

Rio Muchacho Ecological Farm and Volunteer Program

Rio Muchacho is a 10 hectare organic located north of Canoa. At Rio Muchacho, you find an extensive array of tour programs, combining adventure, culture and ecology.

A MUST do for nature lovers!

And much more....


Cabo Pasado - Dry forest tour


Whale Watching Tours (Jul-Sep) 


Montecristi - Artisan Town


Manta - Modern Port City


Mompiche - Ecuador's Best Surf


Isla de la Plata - Machalilla 


Mache Chindul Ecological Reserve


Chirije - Pre-Colombian Seaport

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