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Guest Services

Travelers of all budgets won't find better value for services and accommodations than at the Sundown Beach Hotel. Located just outside of town, you can relax without the crowds, with any downtown action only a short walk, bus, or taxi ride away.

The Beach Complex

The complex is located directly on the beach. The hotel offers 16 rooms with private  bathroom, including a pair of two-bedroom family suites, yet it charges prices you could easily pay elsewhere for shared accommodation, or shared baths.


Room interiors are finished in brick, with ceramic tile floors and wood and bamboo decor. Some rooms offer private balconies overlooking the beach, and 4 downstairs rooms have private entrance patios facing the beachfront. Cheaper budget rooms are also available.

Linen is replaced once a week, and fresh towels twice a week. Room cleaning is provided 4 days per week.

Common Areas and Patio

A central patio and garden provides a communal area for relaxing off the beach as well as indulging in refreshments.  Outdoor bathrooms and showers are also available.

Unlimited Wireless Internet is available in common areas.

Cooking and Kitchen

The option to use our communal kitchen facility is available for only $1.50 per day (long term guests have a special discount). It includes a large restaurant-sized kitchen with 2 stoves, ample storage and food preparation space. The outside BBQ area is also available for use.

Our staff is helpful in orienting you to necessary stores and markets. Certain available hours for cooking are maintained. All guests are required to keep the kitchen and BBQ areas clean after usage.

The common room has a ping pong table, library, and dining area. The kitchen and common room normally close at 9:00 pm. Extensions to these hours may be obtained occasionally with special permission from management.

Breakfast is available upon request at additional cost of $3.50 per person.

Unlimited supply of bulk purified bottled water for drinking and cooking is available for a $3 a week per person.

The Beach

The wide beach in front of the hotel is yours to enjoy, as well as several kilometers of uncluttered public beach, stretching out in both directions. Hammocks are supplied at no charge for guests during the day, and driftwood is usually available along the beach for campfires at night. A beach volleyball area is also available. Surfboards can be rented in town.

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