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About Us

The Story Behind Sundown Beach Hotel

Don was a great visionary who started a dream 20 years ago. He decided to move to Ecuador because he fell in love with this beautiful country, especially with the beach of Canoa. Now his wife, Alexandra, is in charge of this project and is always seeking to provide the best customer service and make you feel like in home.

Sundown Beach Hotel, started as a vacation home for the Lukacik family. Here they used to gather around to spend the holidays together. Soon tourism in the area started to grow and many visitors from all over the world started to come to this magical town.


However, something here was missing. Something that makes this place unique. Don, his father-in-law and brother-in-law, decided to open the Canoa Spanish School, which not only helped the visitors to communicate and learn Spanish, but also provided an unforgettable experience for surfing and nature lovers.

Canoa Spanish School is now one of the best Spanish schools in the area with a one on one tutoring program. "We are proud to say that there is a special bond that each student develops with our teachers and with all of us. Our students become our friends and they are also an important part of the Sundown family." -Alexandra.

Definitely Sundown Beach Hotel is not only another hotel in Canoa, it is more than that, it is a family and a community.


"I assure you that our small family business will give you an extraordinary experience. We work very hard to serve you in the best possible way." -Alexandra

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