Sundown Beach Hotel

Canoa, Ecuador


Getting to Canoa

    Canoa is located 17 kilometers north of the twin cities San Vicente/Bahia de Caraquez, and 70 kilometers south of Perdenales.

Important Bus Advice

Late or night buses are not recommended in Ecuador unless they are first class.

The Sundown Beach Hostel is located right off the highway just 2 kilometers south of the town center of Canoa, travelling in the direction toward San Vicente. We are 200 meters south of the new traffic circle on the highway from San Vicente that detours Canoa and goes directly to Jama. From Canoa, we are a 20 to 30 minute walk down the beach, or you can take any local bus and ask to be dropped off right at the hostel. Taxis from Canoa to the hotel are $2.

Arriving from Quito

All buses travelling feom Quito to the coast of Ecuador now leave from the Quitumbe (pronounced KEE-TOOM-BAY) bus terminal in south Quito.

The best option for traveling from Quito to Canoa is with the bus company Reina del Camino. This is the only current company with direct first class buses to the area.Reina del Camino offers two choices in first class buses. Their first bus option is to Bahia, which leaves Quitumbe at 1:00 pm and arrives in Bahia around 8:00 pm. From The terminal in Bahia you can take a $10 taxi to the Sundown Hotel. The second option is a direct night bus to Canoa, which leaves the Quitumbe terminal at 11:30 pm. It stops in Canoa around 5:30 am. From there it is a $2 taxi to the Sundown. The only problem with this option is that there is no actual bus station in Canoa, and there may not be taxis to get to the Sundown at this hour, so you may find yourself sitting outside on the street for a while waiting for a taxi.

Another option is to head to the Quitumbe terminal by taxi early morning and catch a bus to Pedernales or Bahia. There are a few options and departure times to Bahia or Pedernales with various bus companies, Reina del Camino probably the best. None of these other options however are Ejecutivo (first class), so more stops are made along the way. If you go to Pedernales, you should arrive in about 6-7 hours. From Pedernales, take the next available bus south, which goes to Jama, Canoa and onward to San Vicente. These buses leave about every half hour, the most common company being Coactur. The trip will take around 1.5 hours, putting you in Canoa late afternoon.

In any case, it is advisable to show up to buy any ticket an hour in advance. If it is a day bus, try to get a window seat near the front on the right hand side for the best views while descending down the Andes. You need to show your passport to buy a ticket, and expect a possible light search if taking a ejecutivo bus.

Arriving from Guayaquil

You need to take a taxi to the Terminal Terrestre, which is the inter-provincial bus station. From there, buy a ticket to Bahia de Caraquez. The ride is 5 to 6 hours. From Bahia you can take a taxi to the Sundown Inn for about $5-$6. Make sure that you tell thedriver that you want to get off at the Sundown Inn, BEFORE you arrive in Canoa, because our hotel is about 2 km south of the town center.

"Coactur" has regular buses Guayaquil-Bahia every hour from 4:30 AM to 5:30 PM, none of them being first class, or "ejecutivo".

The other option is with "Reina de Camino";, which has buses at 5:00 a.m., 5:45a.m., 8:00a.m, 9:45a.m., 11:30a.m., 12:15p.m., 3:20p.m., 4:40p.m.(ejecutivo), 6:00p.m.,9:00p.m., 11:00p.m.(ejecutivo), and 11:30p.m.

Late or night buses are not recommended out of Guayaquil, unless they are first class.