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Like most schools, we recommend a Spanish-immersion lifestyle to fortify your learning experience. In Quito and other famous learning centers, most schools recommend living with a local family to achieve this. Still, many students prefer staying in a hotel for more independence. We offer a complete package with the best of both, a small Spanish-speaking family-run hostel.

The Sundown Inn

The Ecuadorian family you will stay with runs the Sundown Beach Hostel, a cozy hostel right on the beach just south of Canoa. The private or shared rooms are comfortable, many with entrances or balconies overlooking the ocean. The hostel is an excellent environment for immersion learning in a very casual and familiar atmosphere. Daily life is very informal. You have the independence to come and go as you please, yet benefit from intimate home-style attention as well as out-of-class family assistance in your learning process. Your formal tutoring takes place right in the hostel installations and your informal immersion continues there after class is over. All students normally dine together, and are invited to participate in conversation (in Spanish) and recreation in the evenings as a group. Those who prefer can chose to prepare their own meals in the communal kitchen area. The family and staff go out of their way to help you with all of your needs and studies.

Living Area                  Patio

We don't offer stays with other local families. Outside of the recent growing tourism, Canoa is a poor fishing community, and although the town and area is very clean, friendly and safe, we cannot guarantee cleanliness, comfort, or food sanitation within local homes. Foreigners living and visiting abroad are always more susceptible to stomach ailments brought on by food parasites otherwise harmless to locals. As such, food and beverages at the hostel are always prepared using only purified water. Family stays are often just an extra revenue business for the hosts, and many students find these stays are cold, overrated and sometimes restrictive. It is really a matter of luck as to the quality of attention you may receive. We consider a stay at the Sundown Beach Hostel a better option than an outside family stay because the family who runs the hostel and language course dedicate their full time to the students, even out of classes, so you are in constant immersion if you wish.

View of Patio                 Beach view from Balcony


"What a wonderful time we have had in Canoa - we certainly hate to leave. The Spanish classes were very individualized, the materials were excellent, and the instructors wonderful. The accommodations were very clean and comfortable, and the family-run atmosphere delightful. The food was FANTASTIC and abundant as well. We couldn't ask for more! Our highest recommendation!"

Robin, Francis, + Chistopher Malinsky-Rummell
(Beginner and Advanced Studies)


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