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Excerpts From Sundown Inn Guestbook


    Kim and I are sad to be leaving tomorrow. We can't imagine a better place to spend a month. We learned so much Espaņol our heads are swollen. Many thanks to Mary Lou - it seems she does the work of an army, and to our great teachers Jaime and Juan Carlos. We were lucky to have so many fun fellow students with which to spend time. Additionally we feel fortunate to have seen Canoa while it is still relatively undiscovered by the rest of the world. We hope Canoa never loses it's laid back charm. We will be missing the beach, the talking parrots, the fantastic view from room #1, and especially all the people here at the Sundown Inn. Con Muchas Gracias.
Kim and Ben
    My daughter (11 years) and I came to Canoa knowing about 15 words between us - her knowing 14 of the 15 words. My goal was to learn enough to be able to communicate during travel - airport, markets, bus station, with locals. The 3 weeks with Juan Carlos and the classes have met that goal. The teacher was very patient and worked with us to speak often and teach us about Ecuadorian culture. The food was plentiful and yummy. The rooms were very comfortable, cleaned daily, and had great views of the ocean. The atmosphere was relaxed and just far enough away from Canoa to be out of the town scene but close enough to get there when necessary. The experience was a great bang for the buck - and friendliness galore!! We have only much thanks to the family who teach and work and live here. We are sad to leave paradise. Gracias - mucho, mucho, mucho!!
April and Morgan
    The Sundown has all you need to immerse yourself in the learning process, whilst having a fun time in a beautiful place. The teachers are patient and get the most out of their students. The local towns of Canoa and Bahia have plenty to amuse and interest visitors and give an insight into local culture. Laid back, helpful, friendly people who make you feel welcome and we have always felt very safe here wherever we went. The accommodation, although basic, has all one needs, and the general atmosphere is one of joining in a holiday camp, whilst having your own space! Muchas gracias amigos.
Sam Kerr (Inglaterra)
    What an amazing way to spend our first month in South America. Canoa is a lovely place to chill out - really great atmosphere and a fab beach. We arrived with little or no Spanish and after 4 weeks we are fluent!! (Well nearly!!). Really enjoyed the lessons - Juan Carlos kept the lessons fun and interesting and we felt like we learned a great deal in such a short time. We are so sad to be leaving the Sundown. Thank you all for making the start of our trip so memorable. Buena suerte!


    Thank you very much for our time here. We learned a lot and talk more than ever (in Spanish). The classes taught us a lot and we had an unforgettable time discussing the politics, the sciences and the "nature of man". Thanks to my classes I'm ready to travel more in South America. Thanks for the "tranquilidad" and the memories.
Robyn and Evan
    They say that if you put a goldfish in a big enough tank, it can grow to unlimited proportions. This is analogous to my experience here in Canoa. The endless sea, sky and sand allow your mind and soul to enrich continuously, fueled by the love and excellent food of the people here. My stay here has been a period of tremendous individual growth, being an impressionable/naīve 17-year old. It is safe to say that I have had the best time of my life.
Ethan Estess
    What a fantastic place to relax and learn Spanish. It has been a long time since I have done nothing but chill. With not so much else to do but relax and learn Spanish, my Spanish has improved dramatically. Thanks too to the family and the friendly "tranquilo" atmosphere. I recommend a few weeks at the Sundown Inn, especially if you are starting your travels or just need time to unwind. The food was great. Thanks JC, ME and Jaime.
    I can't say thank you enough! My time spent here at the Sundown Inn has been great. The atmosphere was nice and laid-back. I have learned quite a bit of Spanish. I have been able to surf every day I have been here, so that was great as well. Thanks again, it has been 3 weeks definitely well spent. Adios amigos!
Mark Krause


    I am a man of few words. I will describe my time here at the Sundown Inn as laid back. It is a great place to enjoy a private beach, meet kind people and learn Spanish from patient teachers. Mucho suerte.
    Well I learned more Spanish in my 5 weeks here than I could ever have dreamed of. However I am too sad today to think in English, much less Spanish. I extended my stay here because I have fallen in love with Ecuador and especially Canoa. I couldn't have imagined a better place to learn Spanish and vacation. I have a new family in Ecuador that I am going to miss greatly. I will be back very soon. All my love.
    What a shame we have to leave. In the beginning we came for 4 weeks, but later we couldn't leave. Therefore we have been here about 8 weeks now. We can't count the times we tried to leave but couldn't follow through. It's a good indication of how much we love this place. We found the people here special, fun, and very friendly. We will miss the family and hope to return very soon to continue the soap opera. This is not goodbye, just "Hasta pronto".
Claudia and Daniela
    The most amazing way to start my 3 months in South America! I'm just worried nowhere else will compare! I came here knowing nothing in Spanish and now I feel I can handle the next 2 months linguistically. I've been made to feel a part of the family. Juan Carlos, Maria Elena and Lindsay have been fantastic. I've loved the beach, the beautiful waves, the surfing has been awesome. Not to mention the food. And the sunsets. So much! I will be back without a doubt. Gracias por todo.
Daniel Desmidt


    I have really enjoyed my month at the Sundown Inn. I couldn't think of a better place to learn Spanish. In the month my Spanish has really improved and I've enjoyed a month of chilling out. The family atmosphere is great and by the end you really feel part of the family. Beautiful sunsets, great food, what more could you ask for? Many thanks.
    The Sundown Inn has been great. It does not take long to feel like a part of the family. Good food, fun Spanish classes and a beautiful sunset every night only adds to the hotel's appeal
John Chirillo
    I really enjoyed my two weeks here in Canoa and feel like I've had the opportunity to improve my Spanish through the lessons and the relaxed family environment of the hotel. The food was great, especially the ceviche. I'm grateful that space was found for me during Carnival, which I really enjoyed. The beach is beautiful - perfect for relaxing and watching the amazing sunsets. Thank you for everything. Hope to be able to come back some day!
Kirsten Gilmour
    If you want to learn Spanish on the beach, eat great seafood and relax in the tropics, then the Sundown Inn is the place to be. Thank you so much. I feel like part of the family: I'll be back.
Barry Notmeyer
    Mike and I really enjoyed our time here at the Sundown. We managed to learn and study a lot, despite all the great body surfing. The meals were always excellent as well. Everyone made us feel comfortable and at home. Now we are looking forword to practice our Spanish on the rest of our trip. Thank you all.
Ilana and Michael


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